Volunteer Program

Volunteers have visited Pura Suerte from all over the world, and their contribution is critical to keeping our farm running smoothly. In addition to hosting educational groups, we offer two options for individuals interested in volunteering at Pura Suerte.

1. Basic Work-Stay
This option includes three nutritious organic meals a day, hot shower, weekly laundry. Volunteers contribute 6 hours of work a day, Monday through Friday. Weekends can be enjoyed by relaxing in the main lodge, exploring nearby waterfalls, or arranging trips to the beach. The Southern Region of Costa Rica offers an abundance of activities for those that want to experience unspoiled natural beauty. In addition to work commitments, volunteers are charged $10 a day for stays of over a week and $15 a day for shorter stays.

Volunteer work assignments are varied. We try to pinpoint your interests to guide you into specific projects, including gardening, carpentry, and reforestation. Garden work includes weeding, sowing, transplanting, feeding, bed-building, and composting. Other work entails current construction projects, working with bamboo, furniture making, and decoration. Work also includes cooking, cleaning, and general home care. All meals are prepared and eaten communally.

Contact us to arrange your visit

2. Full-Time Work-Stay
Full-time volunteers are expected to contribute 10 hours of hard work Monday thru Saturday in exchange for a bed and three meals a day, campsite and use of a tent and of lodge facilities. When available full-time volunteers will be offered a bed in the main lodge. Work assignments for full-time volunteers generally include weeding, planting, digging, mulching, and working the compost areas, as well as helping with current construction projects. Full-time volunteers are provided with main staples and access to our kitchen facilities.

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Additional services may be available to all volunteers for a fee including transportation, extra laundry, and use of internet.

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