Our Mission

Finca Pura Suerte broke ground in the Summer of 2000, with the initial acquisition of 40 acres of farmland in the rural village of La Florida. Since then a group of enthusiastic pioneers has created a center where ideas can be exchanged and practiced to promote sustainable living. Situated high in the hills overlooking the Pacific coast, our open-air cabins are the ideal setting for exploring our farm, primary forests, and countless waterways, including Diamente, the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica.

In addition to welcoming guests, Pura Suerte invites motivated volunteers who want hands-on experience in organic farming, sustainable development, and reforestation projects. Our farm also hosts educational groups of up to 30 people.

At Pura Suerte, "sustainability" means working in concert with our environment to provide for all of our needs. Every decision we make, from our approach to organic gardening and reforestation, to our buildings and resource management, aims to have a beneficial effect on our local ecology. For example, all of our new buildings are being constructed almost exclusively of local bamboo and selectively harvested fallen trees from our property.

Since our inception, our farm has grown to cover 150 acres. Of that, 20 acres of cultivated intensive agriculture, and we are expanding our gardens on a weekly basis. We also hold 75 acres of virgin forest, 30 acres of reforestation projects and bamboo cultivation, and 30 acres of transitional secondary growth. Pura Suerte and its volunteers currently produces ample vegetables, herbs, fruits, and medicinals plants, such as aloe, chamomile, and echinacea. We also act as a distribution center for information, seeds, saplings, bamboo, and cuttings.

Our continuing goal at Pura Suerte is to expand our project and to create an educational environment that is self-sufficient and far-reaching. We are committed to being an outstanding example of sustainability throughout Latin America and the world. Continuing efforts from management, our local community, and our network of volunteers will spread this knowledge and practice throughout the region and country.

We are excited about our future at Pura Suerte, and look foward to seeing you here soon!

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