What's Cookin' at Pura Suerte

Pura Suerte constantly produces an impressive variety of fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and medicinals, which sustain nearly all of our needs. Every day we get closer to sustainability. All practices are organic and biodynamic as Pura Suerte strives not only to preserve existing conditions but also to reverse previous damage to the local soil and water. Permaculture, the sum of Pura Suertes efforts, offers a healthy option for the future of the regions environment and population.

In addition to our farming work, Pura Suerte is actively engaged in the progress of La Florida, our local community. Every Friday, we lead a fun-filled class at the community elementary school, with instruction in English, folk-dancing and organic gardening. We also work closely with local leaders in developing our long-term goals, and strive to have a positive effect on the local economy and culture.

Some exciting recent developments include:

  • Our new herb garden and greenhouse
  • Wireless telephone and internet on the farm
  • Two beautiful new guesthouses made from sustainable materials
  • Hosting of international student groups
  • A new web-ste (you're lookin' at it!)

    We look forward to the following upcoming projects:

    Expansion of our Guest Facilities
    By December 2005, we plan to build two new guest cabins and a dormitory-style accomodation which can house volunteers or educational groups. Simultaneously we will be improving our nature trails and infrastructure. These improvements will allow us to almost double our guest capacity and will increase our ability to serve larger educational groups.

    Establishment of the La Florida Farmers Market
    In conjunction with the communities of La Florida and San Salvador, we plan to initiate a community farmers market which will specialize in organic produce, meat, baked goods and value-added products (i.e. teas, salves, medicinal plants, etc.). A weekly local farmers market would provide an important opportunity for community members to sell and trade goods. We will incorporate one class each week at the market covering a variety of topics such as health, cooking, arts and crafts, and green building. This will encourage families to initiate and establish trades that are enjoyable, sustainable, and beneficial to the community as a whole.

    Establishment of the Pura Suerte Restaurant
    At present, all meals are prepared and served in the main lodge. Our new restaurant for the guests and neighbors will provide excellent organic meals. It will also serve as a market for local farmers and will create jobs for the community. Adjacent to the restaurant there will be a shop where locally made arts and crafts can be purchased as souvenirs.

    Expansion of the Community Garden
    At present we have a small garden on the grounds of the community school where we have taught gardening for four years. To expand the learning potential of this program, a community greenhouse will be built in order to protect the gardens against heavy rains, winds, and sun. This facility will also be a center for learning about the importance of sustainable agriculture and its economic and environmental benefits. In the short term, with the addition of a few tools, seed, and new composting systems, we will be able to help ensure these ideas are practiced at home, exchanging knowledge about composting, erosion control, and the danger of high chemical use.

    The Dream Catcher Fundraiser for La Florida

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