Connect With Pura Suerte

Telephone: 506-308-9851
Mobile: 506-308-9851

Please write or call anytime. Remember to dial
code 011 when calling from the USA

Getting Here:
Pura Suerte is located in the mountains of the central Pacific. To get here from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, you travel some 120 km south on the Inter-Americana to San Isidro el General. From there you are just 30 minutes away.

We recommend using the MUSOC Bus Company, which leaves from MUSOC STATION in San Jose, every hour on the half hour 7 days a week. The bus costs about $4 US and takes roughly 3 hours.

Upon arriving in San Isidro you can take a 4x4 taxi the remaining 27km for $20 US or transportation can be arranged prior to arrival.

Pura Suerte can also be reached from Dominical. Just 45 minutes and you will escape the heat of the beach to the cool mountains high above the coast.

Please call or write to arrange your visit.

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